Monday, April 10, 2017

California Modern House | Casa Cielo Azul | Angwin | California | Signum Architecture

When approaching this property nestled in the hills above St. Helena, the visitor doesn't preview the extraordinary view until arriving at the edge of the hill. Sited to capture that surprise and designed to invoke the response the owner had to a small, blue glass tile, the home exudes an exquisite tranquility. Once inside, the energetic juxtaposition of open and intimate spaces accommodates both private life and entertaining.

The soaring blue wall directs toward the main view, with texture giving it depth and two rectangular perforations connecting it to sky. When the light is just right, the wall and the sky appear to merge. The use of saturated color and large, flat planes recalls the sensual, modernist work of Luis Barragan, yet the transparency and the flow of the house is a clear expression of contemporary wine country life.

The home includes 2 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, office, wine cellar and covered terrace. Floor to ceiling glass in the kitchen, where the owners spend most of their time, fills the room with natural light. Indoor materials and floor treatments flow out onto an open terrace, further blurring the boundary between outdoors and in.......more

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Modern Finland House | Four-cornered villa | Virrat | Finland | Avanto Architects

The cross like shape of this simple villa reaches towards four very different views. The space is open and defined at the same time. The exterior is treated black and to contrast the interior is very light. The building is insulated well and heated by wood only. There is no electricity or running water. The simple and ascetic life at the countryside differs dramatically from the hectic city life........more

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Modern Japanese House | Hall House 1 | Shiga | japan | Alphaville Architects

A young couple needed a house to enjoy their spare time, such as weekends or night times, having nice meal, enjoying films and playing billiards, which requires a large space with, soundproof. So the first thing in question was how to get a hall at least spanning 6m, preferably of reinforced concrete, within the budget.
The second question was to fit this hall into the distorted shape of the site, formed of remains of building lots from two housing land developments, which meet at an angle of 20 degrees, and the sloped road in front of it creating 1.5m difference in height from the one end of the site to the other.
We formed the interior space of the house along with this sloped road, putting parking lot at the lower end, the billiard -theater through the entrance, dining-kitchen at a half-floor level going up the broad stairs, which served also as a seat for a home-theater, allowing us to watch images on a huge screen-wall at another end of the billiard hall, over the billiard table. As the client needed no isolated space, a bedroom with a bathroom is situated also at a half-floor level going up from the dining-kitchen, which means all the interior space of this house forms one long inclined hall of 6m wide. To fit the building into the irregular shape of the site, we bended this hall at an angle of 70 degrees, at the end of the dining-kitchen as to put the bedroom onto the billiard-theater slightly off to the side, and the gap of the first and the second-floor became the terrace open to the broad view of schoolyard next to the site, letting the light plentifully into the whole house through bathroom surrounded by glass wall......more
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