Saturday, July 25, 2009

Modern Home-Casa Gama Issa | Sao Paulo, Brazil | Marcio Kogan

Architect: Marcio Kogan
Staff: Bruno Gomes ,Oswaldo Pessano ,lair reis ,renata Furlanetto ,regiane Leão ,samanta cafardo ,suzana Głogowską
Project Type: single-family house/villa
Client: Private
Designt: 2000
Realization: 2001

Project Description:
Casa Gama Issa is defined by the designer a "white box", a huge volume that seems to envelop everything.

The living area is located in the main room with double height that overlooks the garden with a wall completely made up of glass sliding doors. Open the doors, disappearing borders between inside and outside the area is transformed into a single communicating with the 30-meter pool built in the garden.
On the back a huge wall covered with wood contrasts with the white cement.
Sliding door from the atrium will have access to the living room, where space is a huge library that supports the stairs hiding from view.

This is a luxurious and elegant in contrast with the real life of the city is underlined by the irony that with Kogan said: "A St. Paul, we do not need to worry about consistency with the environment, is a total chaos, chaos Absolutely .... In this city, loved and hated, nothing is designed to be fully integrated into the urban context. "

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