Friday, July 10, 2009

CASA TROPICAL-TROPICAL HOUSE Mundaú-Ceará, Brazil 2006-08 | Camarim Arquitectos

Mundaú-Ceará, Brazil 2006-08

Mundaú and a fishing village on a beach Immense Ceará, in northeastern Brazil. 3 ° 10 '42.51. It is divided into humid season and dry season, with temperatures between 22 C and 33 C. The heavy rain is from January to June warrants a fertile soil where the fruit and vegetation flourish until December.
Client wants a holiday home with 3 bedrooms, offering ample opportunity to contact with nature. Replacing conventional solution in domestic architecture-with a compact volume movement inside...Camarim.
View more house designs at Camarim Website.
Text:Original from Camarim translated by Neocribs.

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