Thursday, July 23, 2009

Contemporary Japanese House |4 in 1 - Concordia Ashiya | Ohmasu-cho, Ashiya, Japan | ks-architects

4 in 1 is a small-scale apartment, which incorporate the 3 units of residential and a unit of the shop lot. The structural system consists of thin RC wall, culvert system and the shear resistance internal wall wherever the layout requires. This allows freedom in layout, full glazing on the NS aspects, and enclosure on the EW aspects, while ensuring the earthquake resistance. Overlooking the possible adjacent building on current empty site, it led us to close off the walls on EW side while at the other hand we glazed NS aspects to open the view of mountain and sea. One continuous skin covers and protects the structure. It contains the soundproof glass screen, the roof and the louver.

House Data:

Project Title:4 in 1 - Concordia Ashiya
Location :Ohmasu-cho, Ashiya
Design :1998.04-2000.02
Program :Housing Complex
Text and images from: ks architects

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