Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Farm House Coversion | Marchfeld Raasdorf,near Vienna | Artec Architekten

Photos Copyright: Margherita Spiluttini, Vienna

A world apart on the flat land from Vienna.

Wide land of big crops and street villages, close to Vienna from suburban Siedlungsbrei has been incorporated. Somewhere a small forest, is a courtyard, it varied, scrubby fields. Zita Core is a farmer and literary scholar. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, chickens and cats is a part of the idiosyncratic world. Books are the other part. Workrooms agriculture, for cooking and eating and sleeping are available. What is missing is a bathroom and space for writing and reading.

The old building's structure provides the framework: The area of the old chamber with a beamed ceiling becomes introverted large bathroom, the removal of some beams creates light from above. The brick barn with tons of plaster ceiling is free and for agriculture respectively, over its surface. The in-patch and volume gains in the form of the boundary: opening to the terrace, entrance and access without interference with the substance and character of the transition to the small house of the chicken house.

The new shows are as unambiguous Hofensemble new, the bare aluminum body, the mood of weather and environment. The construction is intangible, its purpose unclear. The interior of the new form, in contrast to the old more like a tent as a permanent dwelling. Furniture is part of the wall and at the same time structuring ability of the room. Light and openings with the Court are not directly related. The openings are chosen so that the effects of the weather from the interior from directly within their sometimes drastic events are perceived.


For the outer skin of the building - its construction raumseitig with large poplar plywood (8 mm) is covered - is on a vertical battens (ventilation area) a panel of untreated aluminum sheets (2 mm) with screws directly aufgeschraubt Spengler.
The untreated material, the color of the sky ideal, and is determined by weather conditions with time something changed, without corrosion attacked by them.
The plate size is chosen so that the assembly of two men can be carried out (150 cm plate width). The length of the standard format (300 cm) is sufficient to provide a mounting plate without horizontal joints to achieve.
All aluminum parts in the exterior (fa├žade and roof sheets, window profiles, trapezoidal sheet metal cover, metal fireplace) are bright rolled surface finish without built.
In contrast, the aluminum cladding on the inside (bathroom) from natural anodised convenience:
Shower liner and subsequent wall and a wall niche lining.
Wall coverings in the bathroom, in addition to aluminum and poplar plywood also drawn in the vertical rubber flooring in the entire new area of the floor area is used.

The new uses are partially in the old building housed, is part of the building as a base for a new object.
The new object on the first floor, although part of the court, but dismissed them, the work space for writing.
Intellectual level and rural work are a simple way apart.
The upstream region, two terraces, and on sliding doors open the space to expand Free: urban elements embossed in the rural environment.

The stairs is a separate and identifiable element of the outside front of the building stock employed, it brings the new part to the ground.
Original text by Artec translated by Neocribs.

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