Sunday, July 19, 2009

House in Brione,Germany |2005 | Wespi De Meuron

House in Brione,2005 | Wespi De Meuron

The new building is located in a densely built-up villas quartier on locarno, with view on the city, lake and mountains.
the draft reacted with restraint to an everyday subject: build the urban chaos.
therefore, the use of attributes of a classic house waived:
only two simple cut, mutually staggered stone cubes to work out from the mountain - fragmentary - more of the landscape as belonging to the district - more than homemade mauer --
is a temporal mapping depriving.

habitable interior spaces created by the principle of erosion.
two similar, with a large sealable timber gate openings, offer residents the inlet and outlook.
additional light penetrates through courtyards On.
the water in the sides of the cube embedded pool connects to the lake.

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