Saturday, July 11, 2009

Karim Rashid Country House | Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid Country House

The digital and capitalist ages come together in my 1956 Techbuilt prefab country house. Techbuilt houses were part of a democratic movement in home architecture that started with the "Modern Homes" kit houses from Sears in 1908. I purchased the Carl Koch-designed, yellow and blue panel system house over the Internet. Originally, this house sold for a mere $4,000 and could be built in three days, based on a panel system and post-and-beam structure. There are no first or second floors-a radical concept at the time-just a basement and an attic in a split concept on a single poured-concrete slab. Windows could be placed anywhere in the grid of panels so that each owner could customize his or her house for site-specific views, sunlight, and ventilation. My furnishings and design spirit fuse perfectly with the primary color scheme. The playful refuge is filled with one-off furniture and a custom-designed blobular pool.

Client: Karim Rashid
Images and text from Karim Rashid Website

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