Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buzeta House | Maitencillo, Chile | Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido Architects

Casa Buzeta is a vacation family home located south of Maitencillo, over a creek 70 mts high from the sea.

Since the place presents excellent conditions for kite diving, the house structure has a volume that confronts the wind, boosting the slope and generating a striking sight of the sea.

This volume is looking to the orient as and opaque façade, made out of a huge wood sticks look.

The side facades have been worked with to round windows, which added to the west inclined façade, seem to be a ship over the sea contrast.

Inside the distribution is symmetric, organized by a double high space, where the rooms are.

A curved surface, inspired in pump up kite, covered by copper, goes around the house from east to west, forming a room alley, all of the looking to the sea.

The materials used are pine insigne in the structure, Oregon pine in the exterior and copper on the covers and fireplace.

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