Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trastevere Apartment | Rome, Italy | Carola Vannini

Location: Rome
Client: private
Date: 2008

This apartment (located in the historical center of Rome) has been completely reorganized and modified in the interior distribution and style. The use of warm colors and materials had the purpose to create a cosy environment while opening the space and emphasizing the ancient building's existing structure. The lighting design played a very important role, because the apartment itself does not have a generous natural light. The recessed lighting spots and the use of walls that emphasize the space's depth, opened the volumes and underlined the main furniture elements.

This apartment situated in the historical center of Rome, has been completely streamlined the internal distribution and changed in style. Using warm colors and materials with a strong personality, created a welcoming environment that opened the space and developed the structure of the ancient palace. Artificial light has played a key role as the apartment has a generous natural lighting. The use of recessed lighting and fifth by the significant structural effects, has broadened the perception of space and enhanced design components and furnishing more important.
Carola Vannini

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