Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beach House | Asia, Peru | Jose Orrego

"A Celebration of Summer" beach house in little world, Asia, Peru

Taking advantage of its excellent location of the lot, the house design was intended for that architecture serving as a framework for the view to the beach and islands that are in front, enjoying thus the privileged sunset from the beaches of Asia.
Architect Jose Orrego H. Metropolis Home again surprised us with his art at the time of winding design concept, aesthetic and functional.

The aesthetics of the house celebrates the summer with its curved line that reminds us of modern Brazilian architecture of the sixties.
The whole house has been worked in white with red accents in both key elements as well as pool furniture.
The house reminds competitive elements used in the films of Stanley Kubrick with the use of curved elements and contrasting white with red details.
The exterior of the house is working as a white box high, exposed from the front. One side has a concrete lattice based on a contemporary composition with perforations to allow transparency from the inside without losing privacy
The living and dining rooms are arranged in the front so as to integrate the screens displaying the terrace glass.

The bedroom is located on the first floor so you can see the sea through its spaces
The whole has sought to create a contrast of red on white surfaces so that the spaces are amplified by the contrast of the details.

From inside the room, it offers great architectural framework that shows the landscape of the beach, the island and the Sunset.

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