Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CAN BB House | Bruno Erpicum | Balearic, Spain

The house is almost at the top of the mountain, between the bay in the morning - in the East - and evening - in the West - a blank wall appears to float between the slab floor and roof which, both, limit his outbursts . If the door is opened, the curtain will be opened, you are on the scene. Cross the hall fashioned from wood, cross the second partition wall and embrace the landscape. The reception rooms benefit from double height, this is the sea view dominates the composition of the house interior. Then, the light that will constantly be surprised by the many subtle and surprising opportunities arising from the suspension of non-healthy. Private spaces are accessible by the volume of wood that unifies and includes all the serving pieces - like a companion that flatters the senses - they open wide on the lateral views with the horizon as the only limit .
The house construction is completed in 2002.

Client: BB
Location: BALEARIC
Country: SPAIN
Surface: 800 M2
Text and images of the house from: Bruno Erpicum

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