Saturday, September 12, 2009

Glass House | Rhone, France | Barres Coquet

More pictures of the house here

It is a house of glass or transparent house. Completely surrounded by vegetation, the contact with nature is permanent. The house plays the real role of "wall" of the living space more than the physical wall (glass facade). The house is built a flooded ground,therefore this metal-frame house is off the ground by stilts, standing there, between the poplars and the pond, without "disturbing". The wide roof overhangs draw a horizontal plate "immaterial" the sun and protect the living space of the house.

House data:
Architect: Barres Coquet
Material: Steel and glass
Surface :200 m2
Draft Year: 2001
Location: Rhone,France
Photographer: © Erick Saillet

More house design at Barres Coquet

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