Thursday, September 3, 2009

Haus 47°40’48”N/13°8’12”E | Maria Flöckner und Hermann Schnöll

Haus 47°40’48”N/13°8’12”E
Client: private
Design: Maria Flöckner und Hermann Schnöll
Structural Engineering: gbd Dornbirn, DI Eugen Schuler
Photographer: Stefan Zenzmaier, Kuchl
Site Area: 1,000 m2
Built Area: 558 m2
Design Start: 8/2002
Construction Start: 9/2005
Completion: 4/2007

47°40’48”n/13°8’12”e describes a site in a rural setting which is at the same time specific and universal. the surrounding landscape is unique, but could easily be replaced by another rural or urban location.
the house could equally well be located anywhere else.
haus 47°40’48”n/13°8’12”e is not created for a specific location, rather it is simply a house in a location - or indeed a location in itself.

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