Saturday, September 5, 2009

House in Jumala Latvia | Villa Pinia | Ark-House

Villa Pinia is a four-person family house. It is situated on a pine-forested plot near the sea with great natural beauty. The design task was based on a workshop-format competition, in which nine architects or offices from different parts of Europe were invited to participate. My sketch design was chosen as the basis for the final implementation.
The main idea behind the design of Villa Pinia is a dialogue between a levitating white rectangle and the dark trunks of the pine trees. On the south side the straight line of the house becomes a free broken line. The timber weatherboarding of the latter house facade has been given a reddish brown tone. The colours and materials strive for an imagery derived from boats and ships, a gesture to the preferences of the client and his background as a sea captain. The scale of the house on the yard side is intimate and the interiors continue out as sheltered terraces. All three floors in the interior are also linked by long vistas. A tree has been placed in the internal garden visually linking together all the floors.

Size: 535 sq-m2

More pictures here

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