Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NO.MAD Arquitectos S.L | Zafra House | Aranjuez, Spain

Knowing that you can only occupy a restricted area of the parcel, we need two plants to introduce the requested program representing a margin of oscillation of the occupation figure very close to square in plan house.
We act on this exciting safe perimeter parallelepiped blind by conditions related to the distant landscape and the internal possibilities of use of the plot. This will recognize objects form images that deserve horizon within the housing and defines its position related to programs in each of the two plants, the mountains from the living room floor, the old town and the plain in the Upstairs from the house terrace and the room, etc.
From these relations are cast in the volume, the holes in the garage and access on the ground floor with street access and terraces lounge and kitchen with the plot.
Upstairs privacy of the house is guaranteed with two terraces to the north open only to the sky and planted with a custom landscape of cactus collection of the owners and another to the south in which the vocation of distant landscapes under various sets multiple holes screened.
The visions will approach from the house towards specific points of the landscape generated orthogonality situation to them the different planes of glass that part of the pre-shape geometry. By linking the vertices of meeting all these peculiarities appear three-dimensional geometry that governs each and every one of the internal properties of the housing by way of constructive support network of high precision.

Project Architect: Architects NO.MAD S.L Eduardo Arroyo
Contributors: David Rodriguez ,Lars-Sebastian Dillner
Date: 09/2009
Client: Juan Carlos Zafra, Miguel Angel Uceda
Area: 320.00m ²
Construction Company: Santamaria-Ayuso, S.L. Aranjuez Spain
Structures: Joaquin Antuna Architect
Photography:Miguel De Guzman

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