Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jaldsa House | Santiago,Chile | allarquitectos

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The field of the order is presented as a cloth facing inclined Santiago, which lowers a ravine.
Morphologically, it seeks to create a horizontal slope, which is accomplished with a volume container retaining wall at the bottom of the land on which rests the second volume, perpendicular to the slope, parallel to the ravine and balconies on the south;
thereby freeing more flat and creating the garden.

Programmatically accessed suspended parallel to the volume, which pierces the entry occurring in the junction of the volumes.
The public areas overlooking the garden with a panoramic view of Santiago and the Cordillera on the rooms, which are concentrated in the second volume.
Architecture: all * architects - Maria Jose Lagos Ch and Sebastian Luders M.
Client: Family Lagos Larraín
Contributors: Francisco Donoso, Ricardo Röheling, Wilfried Gfeller
Location: Ascension Road 9457, Lo Barnechea, Santiago. Chile
Area constructed: 320 m2
Year built: 2008
Materials: Reinforced concrete, stoneware and Termopaneles
Construction: Arthur Collier
Landscaping: Trinidad Silva and Gloria Roller
Photographer: Matias del Campo

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