Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marcio Kogan | Brazil Beach House

Marcio Kogan Architects have a few amazing beach home designs under their belt, but this stunning Brazil beach home located in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro boasts a distinct cottage-style feel that puts comfortable, casual living and a coastal cottage character at the forefront.
Pier House was designed to house a sailboat during the week and its users on weekends.
This gorgeous beach house was designed in two levels, to accommodate the sloped site.
The first volume, a solid box clad in whitewashed wood and "muxarabi" allows for natural lighting and ventilation.
The second volume of the house is a box enclosed in metal panels and wood, seemingly spilling out onto the ocean just beyond its wide-open windows and sliding walls.
Indeed, it would be a sin to enclose a living area like this – the beach-front view, with sand at your feet and lush tropical forest all around provide a variety of natural vistas as far as the eye can see. Marcio Kogan Architects
via E-Architect

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