Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arhitektura Krušec | Celjska Mountain Lodge | Slovenia

The architectural design received the first prize at the architectural competition, which was organised in 2004 by City Council Celje in tandem with the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial planning of Slovenia.
The building of Alpine hotel "Celjska koča" is situated on an exposed natural plateau at the foot of the ski run bearing the same name and replaces the mountain cabin which became obsolete and required demolishing. The former cabin was situated in the direct vicinity of the new hotel.
The panoramic view toward the valley and the rocky hilltop of Grmada represents the main attraction of the given location, thus making this feature key to the design of the new building. The described panorama serves as the guiding element both for the interior design as well as the exterior of the architectural volume. On its reverse side, the building carries through the geometry of the existing slope, while the valley side sees the building "cut inside" in the direction of the Grmada hilltop. The views towards the surrounding natural landscape combined with the architectural features of the building thus equally contribute to creating the ambience of all of the interiors.

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