Friday, May 7, 2010

Modern Retreat | Bjorn Bruun's House | Ibiza | Spain

The Danish fashion designer Bjorn Bruun decamps each summer with his wife, son and daughter to their holiday home in Ibiza. "Ibizan houses need to be social spaces," Bruun says. "We do a lot of barbecues, and we have a great outdoor sound system." The 12-metre pool was the main selling point when he bought the house three years ago, but the island has stringent ecological laws. "I wanted to heat it, but there is a limit on how much electricity you can use. There are also constant water shortages, so cacti feature heavily in the garden, as they’re the only things that grow here."
The house, in the quiet northern part of the island, provides an ideal retreat from Bruun’s hectic life in Copenhagen. His fashion label, Bruun’s Bazaar, is renowned for its urban-chic-with-a-twist aesthetic. Helena Christensen is among its fans. "Everything has a different pace in Ibiza," he says. "It’s just not a city way of life. The sun makes you very inactive."
The coffee table is made from 100-year-old teak. "I love beautiful wood and stone, and I wanted something with character," Bruun says. The sofa is from Minotti (
Bruun, who originally trained as an architect, designed the bathroom. "I like the way clothes change more quickly than buildings, constantly reflecting the times," he says. Bruuns Bazaar, from Harvey Nichols; Words by Pip McCormac

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