Friday, May 7, 2010

Villa St. Valentin, Meran | Italy | Stephen Unger

The site of Villa St. Valentin is on an increase in the near Meran, directly on those downhill curves, where the Adige valley opens into the Vinschgau.
This explains the first sight, the particular shape of the double house that reproduces the bend. Only at second glance you see the double curvature of the building. The south facade leans slightly backwards. The slope of the middle part is explained by the idea of the architect's house ideally guided by the sun.
The house is designed for two families and is divided into a western and an eastern wing. is a large window front on the east side is oriented towards the Adige valley, while the family look on the west side in the Vinschgau.

Text: Beate Bartlmä Villa St. Valentin, Meran Architects: Stephen Unger, Vienna,
Location: Sankt Valentin Strasse 7, 39012 Merano BZ, Italy, show location
Completion: 11/2008
Photos: Günther Stock Klauser, Brigit Ann-Höller, , Franz Derntl
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