Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barton Phelps Associates | Sinquefield House | Osage County, Missouri

Sinquefield is a rural house, a conference center and an ecological reserve. It is inhabited by a large family on a permanent basis by groups of young circumstantially, and is home to some educational institutions. The design reflects some ideas about the relationship between social interaction and the experience of the natural environment.

The complex is within a rural settlement of 400 hectares, at an elevation of wooded limestone and overlooking the Osage River. The set was located to the minimal impact on the natural land and agricultural development activities, preserving forests and meadows around her. From the home side a network of trails that lead visitors to points of interest in the nature of the place: lookouts, rock formations, canyons, etc..

The dual-use public / private building is reflected in the project through a gradual structure of spaces. The pavilions enclose a central courtyard and define a kind of refuge in the grandeur of the landscape. The large patio is integrated into the foyer, separated only by a glass membrane. This foyer is the main public space covered, and which can be accessed from the fan to the others.
More of the house here

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