Monday, August 23, 2010

Mathias Klotz: Arquitecto | Old House - Thomas Figueroa, Santiago

It is a quiet architecture, which solves the problem with subtle functional constructive and combining different textures in the material and the different proportions in relation to space.
The exposed concrete is recreated itself and magically mutates as if it were something malleable.
The Old House is a detached house located in a residential neighborhood in the '50s, in Santiago. Originally there was a house that was demolished, and instead was shown a new development, that takes the best trees in the garden.
It is a rectangle of 12 x 40 meters located at the bottom of the ground, releasing a large park in front. Just one level, built entirely of reinforced concrete in sight and around the perimeter, working with different textures and contrasts between the surfaces causing...via
Mathias Klotz: Arquitecto website

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