Friday, September 17, 2010

House By Zaha Hadid | D Villa | Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean

Masterplan, Hotel and Marina plans for the Turks & Caicos Islands
CLIENT:The O Property Collection, Vienna Austria
SIZE:Max build height is approximately 32 ft

The design of D-Villa creates a certain tension and experience between the emerging continuous architectural landscape beneath and the mysterious floating volume above.
This contrast allows a spatial experience between private, public and semi-public spaces.
The elegancy of this design comes from its strong and radical features.
The villa consists of three architectural elements: the elevated disc, the architectural landscape and the open spaces that are created in-between.
The architectural landscape of each villa emerges from the natural landscape of the Cay to house private spaces (4 generous bedrooms), semi-public spaces (storage and a kitchen), public spaces (living room, dining room).
It offers a smooth transition from private to public. The bedrooms on the ground floor have a direct access to the garden.
The main entrance, living and dining, study and hobby spaces are implied via an architectural landscape that differentiates through level or location. Each Villa has a completely detached, floating volume with 2 master bedrooms offering maximum privacy with an expanding outdoor deck. With its cantilever form and metallic roof finish, it creates required shading conditions onto the two storey high open space below.
A field of delicate columns, surrounded by two storey high windows, carry the roof. This spatial organization gives the sense of a floating object to its user....more

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