Saturday, September 18, 2010

House Refurbishment In Bares | A Coruña, Spain | Marcos Alvarez Montes

Architect: Marcos Alvarez Montes
Location: Porto de Bares, A Coruña, Spain
Photo: © Santos-Diez / clicarQ

The owner of the house called home comfort while on vacation, and the memory of the place (I had met the previous summer) were applied, away from fads.

It is a dwelling between party over a plant and bajocubierta, in which the section is considered the key to the configuration of space, although it was in the originally proposed. This is, remained almost entirely the spatial structure of the existing building, but create double-height spaces, clearances are corrected, it is a clean work space and creates a natural light axis crossing the housing main body from east to west, from the doors and through the stairs, which does not have risers to promote this visual axis.
This home is part of the program more public places, access, toilet, kitchen, living room and master bedroom, located in the attic and opened to be.

Also, to encourage the entry of natural light in this area between medians, the deeper, open skylights in the roof-glass window as if they were slabs of slate on the double-height spaces that have opened in various plants. For the light reaches the ground floor, part of the first floor flooring in the living room with laminated glass is made transparent.
Independent and with its own staircase, the children's area in the south and body height lower than the previous one, has one bedroom, one bathroom and a play area with use, also sleeping. Here, a steel tube, ranging from the foundation to the roof, the ladder support and help define spaces. Under the staircase is located a storage room with opaque glass enclosed between the fluorescent tube that houses an indirect way to illuminate the ground floor of this area.

The model, in terms of internal structure, housing was primitive. Lack of corridors, the rooms succeed one another and the figure of the stairs in the plant of the house. In fact, the stairs are in the same place they occupied in the original configuration and supported in the party wall of stone wall and new concrete, shuttering with wooden planks, like the boards that previously separated the rooms ladder in the original house.
Moving in this house means going through spaces shaped by natural light. This model will allow the property is capable of generating various programmatic solutions to small changes in furniture.
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