Sunday, September 26, 2010

Santa Barbara Beach House | Hallberg + Wiseley

Outdoors and indoors freely commingle at this California beach house — so much so that it's almost as if the residents had let the breathtaking natural environment colonize thier Santa Barbara home, situated on a spectacular sliver of land clasped between the ocean and a tidal bird sanctuary. A bowl of sand dollars on the entry table greets guests. A rough-cut limestone coffee table is strewn with fine flotsam: an African shell necklace, shell-encrusted bowls, terra-cotta doves and eroded stone spheres. And the multitude of pelicans, curlews, sanderlings and herons that poke and wade and idle outside in the marsh appear to have found new niches inside, represented by a growing collection of avian sculptures and figures that nestle on tables, shelves and books......more

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