Thursday, October 21, 2010

Detached house in Uccle, Belgium By L'Escaut Architectures

Project name: Detached house in Uccle
Place: Uccle Belgium
Program: Private house for a couple
Client: Nathalie Pollet and Laurence Soetens
Project authors: L'Escaut Architectures
Escaut team: Florence Hoffmann, Michael Bianchi
Structure: JZH & Partners Scrl
Surface areas: 150m2
Budget: 140 000 euros ex. VAT
Duration: 2007-2009

The staircase is like a floating object. It answers the double wish to make the ground floor free and to create a view through the big window. Centrally placed, the staircase organizes the circulation and articulates the maximised spaces....more

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