Thursday, October 21, 2010

House at Tenorio, Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil By SPBR/Angelo Bucci

The plot is 55m x 16m, located at the tip of the beach Tenorio, Ubatuba, Sao Paulo.

The house climbs up the hill from the beach with a slope of 50%, and reaching to 28 m above the street. Its slope, and vegetation covers are both protected by environmental laws, and inspires the concept of this project.

Three main concrete columns supports the house. The slabs without beam and with the arrangements of its levels allow you to catch a glimpse of the sea at all areas of the house.

Its main access is via a terrace on the upper ground of "upside down", connected to the street by a bridge.
Besides preserving the original landscape of the land, the house floats hanging on the tree canopy and opens to the sea.

Angelo Bucci

Ciro Miguel
Juliana Braga
João Paulo Meirelles de Faria
Flávia Costa Parodi
Tatiana Ozzetti
Luke Noble
Nilton Suenaga

Ibsen Puleo Uvo

José Luiz Eduardo de Paula
Advice and Support Project Foundation S / S Ltda.

Engesolos Soils and Foundations Engineering Ltda.

Hunter Pelton Engenharia Ltda.

Ricardo Heder - Reka Lighting

Raul Pereira

Nelson Kon
More at SPBR

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