Saturday, October 9, 2010

House B | Barcelona, Spain By RTA-Office

Project: House B
Architect: RTA-Office Santiago Parramón
Location: Matadepera, Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2005

Parramón Santiago, founder and director of architectural RTA-Office with offices in Barcelona and Shanghai, understood this housing project as a volume, treating it in its entirety and which resulted in a structure characterized by the purity of geometry and harmony proportions.
House B is located in a residential population of Barcelona, stands out from their neighbors by its volume and will differ from the traditional. The property consists of a plastic body defined by a skin creator of form and space.

According to the result of processing location information (orientation, topography and around) the volume is modified, manipulated and enriching short space of light, views and openings, thanks to the incision and bent surfaces on the outer skin White monolayer.
In the procedure a different interior color texture and color as the brick ground and protrude from the skin composed of natural stone pavement. In the entire house can appreciate the focus on the execution of construction details and rigorous in its design.
The house has two floors:
Ground floor: there are situated the daytime rooms and master bedroom. The dynamism of this plant is produced by the incision of two diagonal walls, focusing inward leading to the succession of day spaces are lined against the wall straight. The continued stay of day culminates in a double room visually escaping the skin which seeks to dominate, both in plan and zenith. This area includes the outside and continues inside.
The patio is part of the house and the garden. Opposed to this straight line, the area "suite" is even more irregular facade contrasts with the smoothness of the curved wall above.
First floor: is the study and second bedroom. The study on the second floor is a quieter space, which include the two main and opposing light sources: a private courtyard inside and on the other end, double outdoor patio space....more
Original text in Spanish by arquitour.

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