Thursday, October 14, 2010

House Graf | Leobendorf, Austria | Soehne + Partner

Situated in an idyllic landscape near Kreuzenstein castle, on a southern slope amidst ponds, meadows and woods, the distinctive stratification of this house resembles the topography of the site. In combination with a separate garden pavilion and a terrace complex with a swimming pool the L-shaped building volume creates an intimate, manifold interior living-scape that leads to a highly diversified appeal of building the complex. Cleverly placed glazing and cut-ins open up the interior and result in interesting views. It is distinct design that utilises exquisite surface materials and emphasizes the elegant appearance of this house.

Location: Leobendorf, Austria
Start of planning: October 2007
Planned start of construction: March 2008
Planned completion: March 2008
Client: Erich Graf
Team: Tobias Klaubert
Nett area: 265 m2
Project status: completed
Photos : Söhne & Partner
3d visualisation: Söhne & Partner

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