Thursday, October 21, 2010

Single Family House Mar Vista, California By YU2E

In this iteration of the Los Angeles single family home, we were blessed with a property one and a half times wider than all the other properties on the street because of some fluke lot line adjustment by a previous owner. While this fact alone made particular aspects of the occupation and design strategy larger (the accessory buildings doubled in size and capacity), it also presented an opportunity to revisit the usual siting and spatial organization of the contemporary suburban home. The program is condensed to various edges to maximize open space, sun access, and natural ventilation without any obvious advantage beyond the larger scale and number of the components. Plus, we ended up with the “L” plan, which has been thoroughly exhausted everywhere. We took advantage of the wide lot and reorganized and shifted private and public programs to redefine the private/public edge that traditionally interfaces the right-of-way or street. This shift made possible opportunities to mix and match components like courtyards for front doors and covered patios for porches. The reshuffling also created unexpected transparency and a scale reduction of the front facade, which would otherwise be rather imposing if the “L” plan had been utilized. Private/Public program, front and rear yards, entry, and facade were all reconsidered for their roles in the identity of the suburban home.
House - 2950 s.f.
Decks - 690 s.f.
Covered Patio - 700 s.f.
Parking: Detached four car garage - 800 s.f.
Accessory Structure: Guest House - 900 s.f.

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