Friday, November 5, 2010

House Refurbishment | Casa Olga Baeta, Sao Paulo,Brazil | SPBR

ORIGINAL DESIGN: Vilanova Artigas - 1957


WORK:1998,Vilanova Artigas


Fernando de Mello Franco
Marta Moreira
Milton Braga
Alvaro Puntoni
Carmen Mitchell
Luciana Itikama

STRUCTURE:Ibsen Puleo Uvo

CONSTRUCTION:Construmet,Paul Balugoli

PHOTOS:Nelson Kon

The residence Olga Beata was designed by architect Vilanova Artigas in 1956.

The project sought to value realized what we think is the unique quality of that work, which for contingencies at the time of its construction, and in 1957 was completed with few resources.

In this sense the metallic anchor, introduced the reform in 1998 is an achievement that deserves mention: its structure was solved by Artigas house in three successive frames. The two frames of the facade, front and back, have a structural height of two concrete walls (gable) to perform asymmetric balance of 4.5 m. In this central gabled porch there, so Artigas resorted to an anchor in concrete as structural solution. At 57, due to problems in executing the works that anchor eventually be replaced by a makeshift concrete pillar outside the house.

Thus, during the work of reform, the question that the program was limited to the re environments served facilities, kitchen, office and bathrooms, the house structure was rebuilt as was envisaged in the original plan. We put the anchor in the central portico, now made of steel for ease of execution.

All changes made are technically and formally distinct from the original construction, preventing the two moments are confused, new walls were all made with the technique of mortar-finished concrete thickness 5 cm.....more

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