Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Private Residence Roseville, Minnesota | City Desk Studio

’A Walk Through the Woods’

This new house is a response to a couple’s love of nature and home design business. Growing up on a farm and working for the National Park Service as a young adult established a love of nature and gardening for her. Their current home is a turn of the century house in a dense neighborhood on a small lot in the city. The yard is simply too small for her gardens, yet the country is too far away for his graphic design business.

The site is a 3/4 acre lot with a wooded back half in a first ring suburb that provides the potential for privacy and connection to nature. The house attempts to reach out to nature, and recede in to accept it by directing views to the deep part of the woods, inflecting to enclose a tiny rock garden, and projecting private window boxes, each responding to the site and the to life-style of the owner. The use of materials, the play of sunlight, and the rituals of daily life are celebrated in an attempt to create a home that provides an authentic place of sanctuary....more

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