Thursday, November 4, 2010

van Sweden Residence Sherwood, Maryland,USA Designed By Sorg Architects

Sorg Architects found design inspiration for a landscape architect's weekend retreat in the utilitarian wood and metal structures associated with local fishing, oyster and crabbing industries of its Chesapeake Bay area setting.

The design takes advantage of the expansive views, is built to withstand frequent inclement weather and allows the owner to experiment with the landscape.

The materials used for the main house and guesthouse with connecting courtyard -- concrete block, marine plywood, sheet metal -- are commonly used, rugged, and inexpensive.

A 140 ft. long concrete garden wall meanders through the site in a series of asymmetrical planes and steps, and organizes the building elements. Interior walls are paneled in maple veneered plywood with exposed fasteners, floors are wash-painted concrete, and glazed western facades dramatically reflect the often dramatic weather and the Chesapeake Bay.

Low horizontal elements -- raised planked decks, and inserted landscaping -- "float" the residence over the surrounding natural meadow....more

Client: James van Sweden

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