Monday, December 20, 2010

House AJ at Vitacura | Santiago | Gonzalo Mardones Arquitectos

House AJ at Vitacura

Due to the fact that the house is located in a privileged place on the Cerro Manquehue mountain, the main idea was to use a material which would tend to become a part of that mountain: concrete with the incorporation of ochre pigments (1 x 4” pine boarding molds and boards for slabs).
The house opens onto the garden through volumes which frame the best views. Independent units form groups of rooms in such a way as to avoid invading each other. In spite of being an “L” shaped plan, the rooms do not face each other.
From a compositional point of view the house is a square separated into various volumes ordered in a very basic manner. The façades of the habitable rooms open onto the landscape and that of the services are walled and protected from the mountain by courtyards.
The decision was taken to place the house at the highest point of the site in order to obtain views over the neighboring houses of the Vitacura section of the city of Santiago......more

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