Saturday, January 1, 2011

Decuypere House | Drongen Belgium | Govaert Van Houtte

The access to the plot is located in the Lys valley at the height of Drongen and is modeled on a former access road.

Over the years it was occupied by a phased subdivision of adjacent forest and pasture.

The openness realized here contrasts with the reticence on the front. The house unfolds on the back in all forms.

A stepped outline of the successive volumes include outdoor pool, an indoor buitenruilmte with inset barbecue and an outdoor pool for ligzone. The entrance hall of the house is central to the concept and is positioned between the formal and informal living area. Both can be closed by sliding doors, but the openness of the concept seeks a conintu melt into the void after. Both living areas are located in L-shape around the exterior of the outdoor pool. (Photos © Jean Godecharle)....more

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