Friday, January 7, 2011

House In Marilia | Sao Paulo | Brazil | GroupoSP

The house is located in the city of Marilia, about 450 miles northwest of Sao Paulo, characterized by its subtropical climate and high temperatures. The land where this house is situated on the edge of the urbanized area of the city on a hill with gentle slope.
The topography has been exploited by drawing three levels: the lower level houses the garage and services, the intermediate level is the balcony and the upper level is occupied by the living room and bedrooms.
The living room and bedrooms are focused on the longitudinal bar in reinforced concrete served by a shade structure defined by a cross and setting up an airy open balcony that serves the landscape. Below lie the services and the garage. The bar is closed and regulated by their external openings are ye break-wood furnishings.
A closed and an open house at the same time, a shadow for the activities, a window into the landscape.....more

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