Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pergola Residence | Algund - Meran Italy | Matteo Thun

A sloping site as an opportunity, a tribute to the south-Tyrolean vineyards: can architecture and vine-growing industry borrow each other's forms? A discrete strategy of concealment, Genius Loci and energy-saving approach. Recessed architecture at the top, a system of terraces at the bottom (12 residential units, 2 luxury suites, a breakfast room and a spa equipped with pools and saunas): privacy, functional flexibility, ecology, tradition and cutting-edge technology.....more

Technical data
Client: Private Owner
Building use: Residence and spa
Services provided: Architecture, Interior design
Public areas: Spa-area, breakfast room
Room type: 12 apartments, 2 suites
Total building area: 2.400 m2
Start date: 2002
End date: 2004
Phase: Completed

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