Sunday, February 13, 2011

Casa El Monje | Lo Barnechea Chile | Juan Cristóbal Valenzuela Leighton Arquitecto

The house is located in an area facing corner 3m northeast and slope that descends from west to
east, compared to a hill of medium height with vegetation plentiful and high presence throughout the sector.
As background on the site was a house that was in good condition and did not meet needs of new owners, but had a important element that led to this project: a well sunny little balcony, which allowed be to canopy height, above the roofs of other houses and with views over thesurrounding landscape.
From the above, and using the condition geographical location, the idea is to inhabit the land through a raised terrace. On this platform is raised in the top half of the site, the slope Asmil
natural terrain and surface increases in height.
On the platform that has a solid volume the indoor concentration level of access, while the
terraces are both the ceiling bedrooms are on the lower level, contact directly with the natural terrain.
The relationship between the 2 levels is produced by a central light patio around which are organized every spaces.....more

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