Saturday, February 12, 2011

Villas On The Ammersee | Inning | Germany | ATP Architects

ATP sphere designed two neighbouring villas for a pair of brothers. The architecture of the buildings explores the themes of proximity and distance.

Even the act of approaching the houses is celebrated. The space between the garages, the gateway and the actual entrance to the houses is designed as a publicly visible park. A carpet of anthracite-coloured gravel connects the exterior with the interior. After entering the house by crossing a prominent threshold a gentle ramp leads upwards into the living and eating areas. The subtle upwards movement raises the living area in such a way that the Ammersee, which is situated 80m away at the end of the garden, enjoys a very prominent presence - even from a sitting position. Atria and openings in every direction create very special vertical relationships within the buildings and the spatial sequences are carefully crafted to reflect both the specific needs of the inhabitants and the special character of the location.....more

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