Friday, February 11, 2011

Wilston Residence | Brisbane Australia | Richard Kirk Architect

A pavilion in the garden.
The sloping East-West axis site is located in Wilston, one of the older inner city suburbs of Brisbane.
The project involves the addition of a separate but attached building to the original 1930’s residence.
The original residence was simply stripped back to its essential core by removing all of the recent additions to allow the retention of its formal qualities within the site and its engagement with the street.
The distinct separation of the new and old allow the new work to directly engage with the landscape and ground plane.
The separate addition, although attached, is treated as a pavilion and is placed in the existing garden space at the rear of the site.
The new pavilion contains living spaces on the ground floor with sleeping spaces on the upper level. All spaces have a northerly outlook and a strong visual connection with the garden spaces of the adjacent sites.
The original residence contains the main bedroom spaces and a study. The Northern facade is presented as a piece of timber joinery of teak, western red cedar and New Guinea Rosewood contained under a folding roof.
This facade addresses the garden space which is treated as a room edged by the pool, deck and reed bed.
The living space has a 10 metre wide opening to the garden with the projecting bedrooms on the upper level creating a delicate hovering volume above.
The functional differentiation of the glazing systems articulates the main building form.
The folding walls and soffits are clad in Western Red Cedar, slowly weathering to silver grey. Under the roof the protected bedroom walls are clad in Teak veneer which will maintain its rich colour and figuring.
The materials will allow the building to age with authenticity and sit gently in the lush landscape....more

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