Monday, March 28, 2011

Casa Film | Funes, Argentina | I+GC

The house is solved from a simple strategy: the use of two films-films "that folded flat mode of implanted into the ground, the program organizations and give character to the complex. These will be in charge of unity to all the parties, involving the various programs within.
Located in the city of Funes, inside the gated CadaquƩs Funes Hills, offering the advantages of suburban settlement patterns, the book seeks to achieve the interior-exterior constant contact desired by the people living in these places. It then chooses to place the two L-shaped ribbon opening the house to the best guidance and locating the pool in the center of the complex. This was intended as the core around which requires the entire premises and the park, thus becoming a player in the life of the house, which all look the same spaces. In turn, the provision of this frees up a significant area of land for development of sports and / or recreational activities.....more

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