Thursday, May 19, 2011

Noonan Residence | Los Angeles County | California | Fung + Blatt Architects

The Noonan Residence was designed for a semi-retired man to accommodate his changing needs but to also appeal to future buyers with different requirements.

Primarily cubic in form, the house is eroded by a roof terrace carved into the third level, allowing southern light to penetrate to the living space below. Steel clad beams supporting the roof bridge over the terrace and land on matching pylons to skeletally complete volume.

Perpendicular matching beams and pylons suspend the carport roof and span the entry bridge; which intersects the house between the second and third levels. A half flight of stairs up is a third level office/guest room that overlooks the living area and accesses the roof terrace.

The second level accommodates the main living functions, master bedroom and a future elevator that provides for single-level living, should accessibility become necessary.

The first level houses a suite, which, with its own exterior entry, can function as a caretaker’s apartment or additional workspace.

With all levels opening to views of the city, and every interior space to another, the Noonan Residence is a matrix of interpenetrating volumes that can accommodate a diversity of living arrangements........more

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