Monday, June 6, 2011

House in Pikovice | Pikovice | Czech Republic | mjolk

Two years ago, a good friend of ours and his wife decided to buy a plot of land sloping northward close to the river Sazava. The natural environment of the village of Pikovice near the town of Davle offers, first and foremost, a tranquil home to be enjoyed every day – and yet it lies within an easy driving distance of the Prague ring road. The newlyweds’ worldview and their determination to build something new led to a decision to design a wooden house that would be neither big nor small and would meet the requirements of healthy living while economizing energy consumption. The house is a cuboid with a flat green roof and two outside entrances. An outside staircase leading from the ground level to the second above-ground story bites off a wedge from the upper part of the cuboid...........more

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