Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LEED Platinum House | Tiburon Bay House | Butler Armsden Architect

In 2007 our client set out to build the highest performing LEED Platinum house possible and found the perfect site in the form of a dilapidated house on a sloped lot on the north side of the Tiburon peninsula. The entire team was tasked with setting an example of just how far this energy saving architectural exercise could be pushed to set an example of great design and great performance at the same time. The floor plan of the house is centralized around a vertical stair to minimize circulation for people and utilities.The rooms are then allowed to spiral away from this core to take advantage of the views and the garden. An exterior bridge that serves as an outdoor living space also connects the garden to the house and solves the difficult problem of entering a house on a fairly steep uphill site. All of the materials used in the project are recycled or sustainable and in some cases, like the retaining walls, were salvaged from the foundations of the original house. Electricity and hot water are solar powered, and there is even a complex water reclamation system that is technologically ahead of the local building codes.......more

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