Monday, June 6, 2011

Single Family House In Olpe | Germany | Olpe 39 | Petersen Architekten

The area by the Otswall museum arised in its current development within the historical city center beginning of the 20. Jhdt. it is since then characterized by living and an intensive mix of small retail trades.
Thus a suburban environment arised besides the town center, which won thanks to its predominant gastronomic variety a supraregional meaning.

The house is strategically located between the district court, regional court and labor court, which are all comfortable accessible within walking distance.
Thus „ Olpe 39 “ underlie the idea of the memory (storage system/ virtual memory/ stacked urban space).
The front translates this idea as a „macro chip “. It signals different synapses in form of differentiated glasses, transparent or translucent.

The view relationship to the surrounding is focused by translucent parts of the facade - park and trees become room-high pictures in the room (free from facade profiles, safety rails, ventilator or heating element). The view remains pure.........more

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