Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Steel House Design | Airy House | Japan | Ikimono Architects

Everything starts from consideration of client's "I want to connect with the outside" in this building. Though there are some scenes "May I be really blank here?" when the completed construction is seen, but for the client with a long overseas life, the rest room without partition, the window of big transparency, space connected with the outside with shutter, these are device along the way of living and are architectural language that he has been experienced in youth. Moreover, also because the client is a specialist of metalworking, he made the stainless steel product such as the stairs, kitchen, and external eaves with oneself and the selection of the outside wall and the metallic part is also ideas of him in a stainless product. It is our this work how to make the energy of about his overflow a space, this construction finally completed is his appearance...........more

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