Sunday, July 3, 2011

Modern Japanese Tenement House Design | Static place | Ikimono Architects

It is the tenement house where 8 households live in.
There are a lot of losses to this building like a stone pit. It is it with the way of living to go back and forth in the average if the outside is out of it as for the ratio widely than the room of the floor space that I included to the roof terrace. The innumerable outside space possesses a power supply and water service in the exclusive possession space of each dwelling unit. But there is not the clear function as the room. By the device of the house hand, a parking lot, an atelier, a garden, dining, the gallery becomes the favorite space.
I want to think about relations with environment surrounding a person with a building and the person through a building. here, I regard the neighbor who lives in the same place as nature and a city and a similar environmental part, Because there is a neighbor, I thought about an amusement and discovery........more

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