Monday, August 15, 2011

Modern Chilean House | Casa Pirehueico | San­tia­go | Chi­le | Ale­jan­dro Ara­ve­na Architects

Be­ing the weath­er con­di­tion very ex­treme, we start­ed tak­ing as less risks as pos­si­ble; we be­gan with the most con­ven­tion­al dou­ble sloped roof. Slow­ly, we moved on, ex­tend­ing one slope or the oth­er un­til touch­ing the frames on the perime­ter, look­ing for the views, but try­ing to avoid the winds. The rule for the win­dows fol­lowed the same prin­ci­ple of a surfer en­ter­ing the sea try­ing to avoid big waves: ei­ther you be­come shal­low or nar­row. If the win­dows were fram­ing a ver­ti­cal el­e­ment, like a tree or a path in the for­est, then they had to be nar­row. If they were fram­ing an hor­i­zon­tal view, like the lake or the vol­cano, then they had to be flat......more

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