Saturday, October 22, 2011

Contemporary Indonesian House | House In Nursery | Indonesia | Wahana Architects

Little surprising to see the house that was built only wide area of ​​300 m2 on a land area of ​​4000 m2. It's right at the back end of the land, so it is not seen as a massive structure of the outer gate, even nearly disappeared, blending with the surrounding vegetation. Architect Rudy Kelana along with Gerard Sahat of spacecraft Notices conformable explains that the concept of this house do not want too look stand out in her neighborhood who still form the township. The entrance to the house which became the ground floor was accidentally dropped from an elevation essentially dredged more than 1 meter tall, so the more hidden again. The living room was left open as a terrace with a separate bulkhead wall from the entrance........more

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