Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Modern Korean House | Pixel House | Heyri | South Korea | Slade Architecture

This house is for a young family with two children. They are very interested in the larger community and plan on sharing their exterior spaces with the community. They intend to create a day care for neighborhood children. The site is perfectly matched with the client’s intentions; it is the last house in a row of houses. It is the point of rupture between the clearly defined front and back yard spaces; the point at which the continuous facade of the row ends. The public and private territories are not as clear as on other sites within the row.

While the public and private territories are ambiguous, the end condition is where the relationship between the building and the landscape is clearest. The entire row of houses can be read as an object/ field relationship between building and landscape. This opposition between formal clarity and territorial ambiguity requires a very different strategy than with the infill condition, particularly because the client is interested in further breaking down the public private opposition........more

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